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iPhone 11 Silicone Cases

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Standard 1-year warranty.
This is an original Apple product.

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The Apple silicone case fits exactly over the volume buttons, the side button and of course the shapes of your iPhone 11 without being much thicker. On the inside, soft microfibre provides good protection for your iPhone. And on the outside, the silicone finish feels very nice. You never have to take the case off again, not even to wirelessly charge your device.

Like all Apple cases, this model has been tested for thousands of hours, both during the design phase and the manufacturing process. It therefore not only looks great, but also protects your iPhone from scratches and drops.


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What's in the box?

You will receive the chosen product: iPhone 11 Silicone Case, in the chosen color.

Packaging contents

Silicone Case for iPhone 11


iPhone 11

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